A few days ago I said, the I wanted to change something, that's been bothering me since the release of v0.02. I already said, that I want to implement the talk option again and that will happen, but while the old scenes were okay, it always felt a bit weird to me, that the living room changes three times during the first couple of scenes. And that's something I want to change with this update. 

So in short, the whole beginning of the game will be changed and improved. The lighting the image quality and most of all the environment are far better in my opinion, than they were before. A big part of the improvements is the new outfit for Beth, which is more realistic.

But with v0.03 it's not only about the redesign of the game. The scenes that are in the game now will be expanded and  some new ones will be included too. For example a workday with Beth, not just a teaser like before.

There will be a scene where Beth needs to investigate a murder scene, which will be important in the future (maybe even this update).

The scene will show blood and a GSW to the chest. This means, that the dialogue at the end of the last release will be moved and it will change.

While I'm talking about changing and rearranging dialogue, you probably have to start a new game, because the scenes, especailly the talk with Charlie and Eva before the game really starts are in different positions of the code now. This will allow me to expand the scene with Charlie as a prologue and the scene with Eva will serve as a ending for day one.

I'm not sure about the release date or the number of the added Iiages yet. But I will keep you in the loop. :)

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Nov 03, 2017
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Nov 04, 2017

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